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  • It’s my utmost honor to be included in the new March 2021 issue of The Inflectionist Review as Featured Poet along with so many incredible voices and Featured Artist Poppy Dully. https://www.inflectionism.com/issue-12-1


Gravel from the Yard

Thank you to The Inflectionist Review for publishing this poem, along with seven others in Issue Number 12. Go to the links below to read the poem online, learn more, and see additional art created by the subject of this poem, Khalid (AKA Khaled) Qasim. As of today,...

Into the Great Beyond (Bread)

I recently read a story on NPR about tossing the "holiday rulebook" this year to stay sane. I couldn't agree more. And not just for the holidays. I think we should reimagine all the rulebooks forever. This morning, I did some chores, read a bit of Shakespeare (Titus...

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